LifeTec Group and Biotest Facility aim to reduce animal testing

Medicine effects your body. That’s a good thing, that’s how it makes you feel better or even cures you. But most of the time the intended purpose is not the only effect. Medicine can affect vital organs, sometimes even damage them. That’s why it’s crucial to do thorough testing before administrating anything to human subjects.

LifeTec continues to develop a platform to keep a liver alive and functional outside of a body. Livers from pigs slaughtered for the food industry can get a meaningful purpose. Instead of being processed for non-human consumption they can contribute to life sciences.

Testing pharmaceuticals on their platform is an application LifeTec wanted to investigate. To proceed they needed advice and a partner who could validate data. In the Boost4Health service provider database they found that Biotest Facility was exactly what they needed and the collaboration proved to be very enjoyable. After first analysis the results look promising. Making the platform LifeTec developed very interesting for Biotest Facilitiy. Resulting in both companies benefitting from their collaboration.

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