Boost4Health helps SME Elementa expand in North West Europe

Elementa is a French company specialised in marketing health ingredients for food supplements, infant formulas, dietetic and functional foods. Elementa is also involved in research and innovation. It is currently developing a very innovative ingredient from a natural source. This product is expected to be placed on the market within one year.

Thanks to Boost4Health vouchers, Elementa benefitted from market insights in other European countries. CEO Laurent Depelley says: “the development cycle of a novel food ingredient is very long, from research to regulatory registration. For a small company such as Elementa, it’s been very useful to get contacts and tips to access other European markets. Boost4Health provided us with support from experts located in Germany and Denmark. They know the specificities of their countries and working with nationals helps overcome the language barrier!”

Dr Andrea Wetzel from AW Biotech Marketing in Stuttgart provided contacts and identified relevant professional magazines.

Based in Copenhagen, CILNorth is a consulting agency offering services for the global food and ingredient industry and for food and supplement retailers. Sami Sassi from CILNorth has a long track experience in Nordic markets and provided qualified contacts and an overview of the potential market.  

Thanks to CILNoth and AW Biotech Marketing, Elementa will be ready to launch the new ingredient efficiently and quickly, after several years of research and development.

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