Increasing SME competitiveness with Blockchain solutions

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Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are rapidly re-shaping how society can benefit from digitalisation. Blockchain is one of the newest innovations of our generation. To put it simply, blockchain is for value sharing, what the internet became for information sharing. Today, over 30 billion devices are interconnected within IoT (Internet of Things), with that number expecting to double by 2025. But what does this mean for tomorrow’s global socio-economic paradigm, and what opportunities can arise through Blockchain? The Blockstart SME Training Programme aims to provide the tools to answer such questions and guide the next generation of SMEs through the digital revolution. Read More

Blockchain and IoT: Beyond the hype

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Combining IoT and blockchain is one way the project can help develop new digital solutions. Blockchain technology could enhance IoT, allowing devices to send data to private blockchain ledgers with tamper-resistant records for further analysis. Several Blockstart partners have performed state-of-the-art analyses, “proof of concept” implementation and further research on this topic in order to find the best technology and structure for SME use cases. As the number of IoT devices increases, so does the rate at which data needs to be processed. It is important that potential solutions take into account the time needed for secure data storage and treatment (as with smart contracts for example). Read More

Developing effective support for SMEs

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From the 28th to the 30th of January, the Blockstart project partners came together in Zwolle, hosted by Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, for the third partner meeting. The agenda included associated partners as well as expert speakers, who shared invaluable insights that informed the development of the SME training programme. Read More