Services for biomass testing and analysis can now be accessed using BioBase4SME innovation coupons

BioBase4SME partner tcbb RESOURCE recently announced several extra services that can now be accessed using a BioBase4SME INNOVATION COUPON. The extra services are related to biomass testing and analysis and include:

  • Testing of parameters for the production of chemicals and advanced biofuels from cellulosic biomass.
  • Analysis of the liquid outputs of biomass extraction, pre-treatment, and other conversion processes for products such as sugars, oligomers and sugar degradation products.
  • Proximate and ultimate analysis, as well as the determination of chlorine content and calorific value – to ascertain the value of feedstocks or process residues for the production of heat and electricity
  • Analysis of properties, such as the biomethane potential, relevant to the anaerobic digestion of biomass and wastes.
  • Seaweed analysis.
  • Testing and analysis of the physical composition of biomass, including particle size and bulk density.


For more information on the BioBase4SME Innovation Coupons, click here.

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