Review of start-up workshop by CLIB 2021 - "The secret of getting ahead is getting started" *

On 12th June the CLIB forum-event specially designed for start-ups took place in the location “Startplatz” in Duesseldorf. The innovative surrounding in this shared offices area provided an optimal frame for the interactive and inspiring event organized in the framework of the Interreg North-West Europe project BioBase4SME.

In an interesting talk from the expert Michael Barth from Eder, Schieschke & Partner, the participants learned what to consider when protecting their intellectual property before and after founding. Marius Rosenberg from Adhesys Medical talked about his founding story and how innovation can be supported by work organization and management. He gave an excellent view on biotech start-ups from the point of view of a business economist. The third expert talk was given by Holger Bengs from BCNP. He gave the participants some very valuable tips on how to communicate business ideas with the public and shared some of his strategies for marketing.

A round of 5 experts came together afterwards to discuss about founding phases and some important aspects accompanied by those. The discussion was moderated by Holger Bengs and the participants had the chance to learn about different topics like optimal team compilation or investment raising possibilities in Germany and the world.

Participants and experts stayed after the event for a networking snack and beer to clarify further questions and discuss about the topics that have been addressed. CLIB2021 wants to thank all speakers, panellists and participants for this successful event.  

* (Mark Twain)

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