Successful BioBase4SME Workshop: New solutions for biobased painting

REPORT on BioBase4SME WORKSHOP: New Solutions for Biobased Painting

Date: 31/01/17

Location: UniLaSalle Rouen, 3 Rue du Tronquet, 76130 Mont-Saint-Aignan, France

Within the framework of BioBase4SME, Interreg project supporting the development of the biobased economy in North West Europe, AC3A organised a workshop on biobased paints.

Pulled by the marketing request, the paint sector is more and more interested in the agro-re­sources and in “natural” products. The paint market does now offer some products which are partially biobased, but very few 100% biobased paints are available. So the objective of this workshop was to look at recent developments in this sector, bringing together mainly entrepreneurs, but also chambers of agriculture and academics who have developed or are interested in developing new solutions for biobased paint.

The event was held in Rouen on 31 January 2017, and was attended by 34 participants from France and Europe. CORI made a presentation about the current context for biobased paints and several case studies from SMEs and other organisations were given on the possibilities and ingredients for biobased paints. ADEME closed the session with some perspectives on labelling for biobased coating.

The day was an opportunity for the participants to share ideas and discuss the relevant recent innovations and progress made by the biobased coating sector in Europe.

The participants also became aware of the BioBase4SME project and this led to a number of SMEs to consider applying for BioBase4SME coupons.

Several SMEs also expressed that the workshop had provided the opportunity for collaboration and even business collaboration.

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