Report on BioBase4SME workshop “Agriculture source of raw materials for the biobased industry”

Biobased raw materials are expected to play an important role in the natural manufactured products in the future. Supply chains to provide the sector with new plant-based materials and substances are starting to develop.

On 25th May 2018, 20 participants including region representatives, SMEs working on biobased products, research center working with SMEs and raw material production cooperatives participated on the workshop, that was co-organised by Vegepolis Research Center in Angers, Pays de la Loire, France.

During the workshop it became clear, that the main issue for Pays de a Loire SMEs is to know “what possible activities are available”. And also, that there exists still a weak impact on the public with “Social Acceptance”. Based on examples and opportunities from the BioBase4SME project, this workshop aimed to show what is already being done in the region and in North West Europe and to open new sectors in the Pays de la Loire with the support of the project.

The main messages were to highlight the lack of intermediary in the bio-sourced network between raw material providers and SMEs users, especially for the region Pays de la Loire. Businesses, agricultural professionals who want to develop new production opportunities for natural and recyclable products based on what consumers are currently asking for had the chance to meet, interact and plan follow up activities.

The follow-up presentation (in French) can be found Retour Sur… BioBase4SME


Expected effects of the Angers’s Workshop:

  • VEGEPOLIS propose to orient their development less on molecules development more on bio sourced issues for SMEs.
  • Chambers of agriculture foresee on final industrials needs more than of production development.
  • SMEs are more reactive with BIOBASE4SME possibilities with coupons and training. One of them participated at the York Innovation Biocamp June 5th to 7th


  • In 2019, VEGEPOLIS and Brittany Regions could organize a BIOBASE event carried by AC3A on ongoing impacts of BioBase4SMEs.
  • In 2018 VEGEPOLIS and AC3A will communicate on BIOBASE solution to decrease the lack of intermediaries in Western France. These solutions will propose to 2019 Bio base event in Brittany.

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