How does LCA work? Watch our digital presentation

LCA and Eco-design services for start-ups and SMEs in the Bio-Economy

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) and eco-design services are offered as supporting Business Strategy Tools within the BioBase4SME Innovation coupon scheme.

Services reaching from eco-design coaching with limited scope up to cradle-to-grave complete LCA studies comparing your bio-based product with a benchmark. A wide range of Life Cycle Thinking services can be provided by the LCA experts of project partner Materia Nova (BE).

Do you want to learn more about these services and how to apply for them?

Check our 2 min digital presentation to get answers to these 3 questions:

Application process is SME-friendly with a high success rate and evaluation time of less than a month. Innovation Coupons enable access to these services worth € 2000 to € 25000. 50% of the costs are supported by the BB4SME project.



From raw materials extraction to end-of life, LCA considers the environmental impacts of a product all along its life cycle.

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