BioBase4SME webinar: “New crops for the local bioeconomy”

AC3A and the Chamber of agriculture of Normandy (Nov&atech) organised this webinar in May 2019.

The main theme was “Moving towards a biobased economy thanks to new molecules and new crops”. It begins with a short presentation of the BioBase4SME project, feedback from the project’s survey on European SMEs in the biobased sector, then there are 2 presentations of experiences about working with hemp and guayule (rubber).

The audience were divers, such as: R&D services of the Chambers of agriculture, advisors for new farms, horticulture services, "young" farmer.


The programme in detail was as followed: 

Part 1: Presentation of data from the BioBase4SME survey comparing the biobased sector in the different countries and how it is evolving. This section was presented by Sophie Rabeau from CRAN-Nov&atech.

Part 2: Experiences: two films of 3 minutes from a company developing biobased products from hemp, and from a company which has received BioBase4SME support. Filmed presentation by a farmer from Agrochanvre. And a presential presentation by M. Dorget from GUATECS, who were an active participant during the project's lifetime.

Part 3: What are the industrial needs for a crop (example- carrots) regarding the different molecules of which it is composed?

This part of the webinar was an opportunity for the participants to ask questions to the presenters on the theme of “Is this only happening in labs or is it also taking place in the field?” For example, the audience wondered if the Guayule can grow in Nord west Europe.


You can watch the full webinar here:

French webinar with english subtitles!

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