BioBase4SME holds succesful second webinar: technological services accessible via the BioBase4SME Innovation Coupon Scheme

Watch the WEBINAR here

Following BioBase4SME's first webinar on non-technological services provided by the network, a second webinar was held on June 19th, 2018 to give insights on the technological services that can be accessed by the BioBase4SME Coupon Scheme: scale-up services, industrial proof-of-concept, piloting for anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis, as well as the services of 5 application test centres (for lignin, biopolymers, colorants, natural fibres and innovation garden).

15 registered SMEs, researchers and other representatives coming from United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Ireland, Sweden and Canada participating 'live' looking for answers on burning questions such as:

  • How high is the success rate for innovation coupon applications?
  • How is my IP protected if I mention my idea about valorising specific biomass?
  • Can a SME get one small coupon from one partner and a second coupon with a different topic from another partner?
  • Do I need to get in contact with all application centres, if I have a combined project in mind?
  • ...

The Programme, kindly hosted by Sofie Dobbelaere from Flanders Bio-Based Valley, looked as follows:

  • Introduction to the BioBase4SME Network (Tanja Meyer, BioBase4SME Project Coordinator, BE)
  • Application centres to boost your bio innovations (Roel Koevoets, REWIN, NL)
  • Bio-economic development opportunities in anaerobic digestion & pyrolysis (Bart Bonsall, tcbbResource, IR)
  • Open access pilot facility for bio-based products (Tanja Meyer, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, BE)

You missed it? No worries!

Also check out our webinar about non-technical service:

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