BioBase4SME: follow up on "Communicating Sustainability" training

The training was held on 14 March 2018 in the White Rose Brussels Office in Brussels, Belgium.

BioBase4SME Project ran its second #BioSustyComms Training for Bio-based SMEs co-organised with Sustainability Consultant and NNFCC.

The training took place in a small group creating a familiar open discussion atmosphere with 8 participants, 5 of them were SMEs coming mainly from Belgium and the Netherlands. The objectives, upcoming events and the coupon system from the INTERREG BioBase4 SME Project were explained by the project coordinator Tanja Meyer from Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. Senior Consultant Bárbara Mendes-Jorge from Sustainability Consultant guided through the sessions with her engaging spirit and trained the SMEs active in the Bio Based Economy, on the basis of the SMEs own use cases the strategies for boosting their credibility and visibility. “How to design communications strategies and campaigns” as well as “the power of social media” were vividly discussed by the participants in the morning and afternoon sessions.


The slides and handouts to discuss your own communication needs with your team members are available for download: 


If you have any questions about communication sustainability, or feel there’s any other way BioBase4SME, NNFCC or Sustainability Consult could help, do not hesitate to get in touch with Tanja Meyer 

Download here the slides and handouts

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