BioBase4SME Event: Pitch Perfect and boost the European bio-economy – Cross-border matchmaking & networking event

We are looking back upon a very successful pitching and networking event! Around 140 participants were attending this event (out of 177 registrations). Among these participants there were 44 SME’s or (about to) start-ups, 7 investors, 11 RTO’s, 11 governmental institutions and 21 innovations service providers. A total of 58 pitches were presented, divided over 6 different categories, being Biobased materials, Bioenergy, Biobased Chemicals, Food/Feed ingredients, Other, Technological and Non-Technological Innovation Services. 234 matches were organised on beforehand, with many more being organised ad hoc the day itself. The very convenient location, next to Brussels airport, undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of the event. As far as we are aware of, there is not such an event anywhere in Europe, so it might be interesting to keep this format in mind for future events.

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