Announcement-Needs and challenges of companies in the bioeconomy in NW Europe

In order to help SMEs succeed in the bioeconomy, the BioBase4SME project aimed to advise SMEs from across North-West (NW) Europe on how to develop new ideas in the bioeconomy into marketable products. A further aim of the BioBase4SME project was to improve policy engagement and regional support for bioeconomy SMEs in NW Europe. To do this, evidence was gathered on the current needs and bottlenecks for bioeconomy SMEs in the different regions. This was done in the form of an SME survey, the results of which are presented herein. This survey was a repeat of the survey carried out during the Bio Base NWE project, partially funded by Interreg NWE. The aim of Bio Base NWE was to support the development of NWE as a leading European region in the bio-based economy by facilitating innovation and business development by SMEs in NWE and improving professional training and education for the bioeconomy.



The SME survey showed that the Netherlands and the UK were the two countries that had the biggest problems with a “lack of human resources with right skills and curricula”. What a happy coincidence that the Biocamps were held in the UK and the Netherlands!


READ the outcome of the full survey here.


PREVIOUS SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION has been already published on the website 

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