BioBase4SME Training: Developing dialogue with your stakeholders

Regional council of Hauts de France in Lille

5 February 2018 - 6 February 2018


BioBase4SME Training: Developing dialogue with your stakeholders

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Many companies implementing emerging technologies encounter at some stage barriers or objections from consumers or local stakeholders. It is important to be aware that the stakeholders affected by a new product or process go way beyond the SME’s customer base.

Involving stakeholders in a series of activities to establish relationships is essential, and will lead to an SME being able to form a strong and well-communicated company mission statement and clear long-term vision. “Social acceptance” is the result of this involvement process, stakeholders and project leaders decide together on a number of conditions which must be fulfilled so that a project is seamlessly integrated in its natural and human environment.

To train SMEs in such skills, BioBase4SME is organising a two-day training entitled: “Developing dialogue with your stakeholders – Applying social acceptance tools to avoid barriers in biobased projects”.

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