BioBase4SME Seminar: On-Farm small-scale anaerobic digestion

AFBI Hillsborough, Large Park, Hillsborough, Co Down, BT26 6DR, UK

2 November 2016 - 2 November 2016

The “On-Farm Small-Scale Anaerobic Digestion” seminar at the Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Hillsborough on November 2 was deemed a great success by all of those who attended.

Speakers at the seminar included Prof Vivek Ranade, Dr Robin Curry, Dr Peter Frost, Dr James Browne, John Witchell, Angie Bywater, Dr John Bailey, Dr Gary Lyons, Robert Brennan, Dr Ian Garner, John Toner, David Di Maio (NNFCC) and Padraic O’Huiginn (Tcbb RESOURCE).

Hosted by Dr Gary Lyons of AFBI and jointly supported by the NIBB Anaerobic Digestion and BioBase4SME Networks, a range of speakers covered many topics including a synopsis of the AD industry in Europe, digestate as a biofertiliser, the commercial potential of digestate nutrient management and also economics of on-farm AD.

Click here to read the report on this event.


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