Orléans Métropole

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5 Espace St Marc, place du 6 juin 1944, Orleans, BP 95801, 45058 cedex 01 France www.orleans-metropole.fr


Orléans Métropole is a project partner in the project and will contribute its traffic and environment data to pilot novel PSI-based solutions. Orléans will also provide access to a nascent regional digital ecosystem and venue for SMEs. As its initiatives are less mature than other partners, Orléans will take up a follower role to implement best practices from leading partners, while providing access to their data and supporting data policies.

Thematic priorities:

  • Innovation

Involved in



To enhance innovation performance of enterprises throughout NWE regions

Status: ongoing

  • NL
  • BE
  • FR
  • IE
  • UK
  • LU