Roadshow Dublin City Council

On November 5th, the BE-GOOD project introduced the exciting results of the ‘HGV Permit Checker’ and the ‘Rate My  Service’ challenges during the roadshow in Dublin. The BE-GOOD project aims to unlock, re-use and extract value from public sector information to develop data driven services.

Brendan O’Brien, Head of Technical Services (Traffic)  Dublin City Council warmed up the audience with an inspiring speech about the possibilities  for public sector data use for real-life solutions.

Brendan O'Brien

Improving road safety with the HGV Permit Checker App

The HGV Permit Checker application went live on July 15th, accompanied by a media campaign to introduce and promote the new service . The app  enables citizens to check in real-time whether a HGV has a valid permit or not. After an introduction to the challenge by BE-GOOD partner  Aaron O’ Connor from Dublin City Council (DCC) who is the challenge owner, Padraig McCarthy of TEKenable took the stage and explained the system behind the app. He  provided the audience with a live demo and an energetic overview of the system where he pitched possible further uptakes, such as a diesel emissions checker and  car parking infringement applications.


The BE-GOOD rate my service App

The Rate my Service application will allow public transport users and providers to engage with each other and exchange feedback. At this point, the app is in the prototyping phase. The contracted SME Compass Informatics saw the roadshow as the perfect opportunity to gather feedback from the audience on the prototype during an interactive session. Participants were able to test the application ,were excited about the possibilities and engaged with the interactive session providing insightful feedback on the prototype to the developer.


Transnationality at its best

After the challenges of Dublin City Council, the ‘Vital Assets’ (Rijkswaterstaat) and the ‘Wastewater Tracing’ (Flanders Environment Agency) challenges were presented to the audience.

As conclusion  to the roadshow, Jamie Cudden of Smart Dublin gave a presentation about innovative procurement which generated a lively debate and offered the possibilities for new ways to view procurement processes. 

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