Rijkswaterstaat (The Netherlands) facilitating the involvement of SMEs to allow predictable maintenance of roads

Rijkswaterstaat is one of the biggest managers of road and water management infrastructure in the Netherlands. To guarantee the safety of its users, a good maintenance of these assets is vital. But carrying out costly maintenance activities too soon, could be a waste of money.

Predictable maintenance can therefore help schedule maintenance at exactly the right time. Smart sensors can track all kinds of data, such as electricity consumption.

By gathering and storing data of similar assets centrally, the actual technical conditions could be better compared and potential problems better monitored.

Taking into account the BE-GOOD principles, Rijkswaterstaat is actively looking into opportunities to work together with SMEs to help set up a condition based maintenance of roads system.

This innovative process already attracts attention from outside the EU. On 6 March, the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center visited Delft (NL) to find out more on how the BE-GOOD objectives and principles are beneficial for tackling environmental open data challenges.

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