Orléans Métropole (France) launches a procurement on Smart Tourism & Environment

Orléans Métropole (France) has launched a procurement on Smart Tourism & Environment as part of the European INTERREG BE-GOOD project. We are searching for professionals (start-ups and SMEs) to develop innovative data-driven services in order to enhance the cultural and environmental heritages of the city. It aims to design a meta-application to aggregate various sources of data and apps, in order to offer tourists and residents different services that facilitating their daily leisure activities and to enjoy time spent in the area.

Candidates are free to offer the solutions they feel are most innovative, but with a primary focus on nature, biodiversity and the environment, which are the main themes of the Orleans Métropole challenge in the European BE-GOOD project.

To download the procurement specifications:


 The deadline for submitting applications is 16 March 2018.

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