Opening of the RWS Datalab

Lead partner organization 'Rijkswaterstaat: Ministry of Infrastrcuture and the Environment' is rapidly becoming a data driven organization. That's what Director General Hendrik Jan Dronkers emphasized during his opening remarks at the inauguration of the RWS Datalab in February. The Datalab is a brand new team within Rijkswaterstaat that will accelerate the speed of innovation within Dutch governmental organizations.
The Datalab goes beyond experimenting and exploring new technologies. It provides an environment where smart, workable solutions are developed that deliver immediate benefits in practice. Think of visual analytics, data mining, text analysis, dashboarding, machine learnings, cost models and many more.
In two work spaces, located at Utrecht and Delft, data specialists and clients work together on projects. In Delft for example, the Experience center serves as a place for inspiration. Guests and visitors can dive into the vast amount of opportunities data has to offer. 
Co-creation between customers and partners is always at the basis of the Datalab's functioning. The team supports an open culture shaped by innovation and close cooperation. This whole mindset is embodied by the slogan that was developed for the RWS Datalab: 'Smarter together'.

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