International Open Data Conference Madrid 2016: BE-GOOD was there

The 3rd International Open Data Conference ( took place in Madrid on the 2nd week of October 2016. This worldwide event gathered 1.500 participants from different professional areas, but with a common interest in Open Data. The conference targeted three main goals:
  • bringing together innovative Open Data solutions
  • Identifying future opportunities and generating new debates on Open Data
  • Enhancing international partnerships.
Within the scope of BE-GOOD, Vanda Turczi (Community agglomeration of Orleans Val de Loire) and Slim Turki (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) attended the conference  to  learn from best practices in Open Data. The overall goal was to connect these best practices with the BE-GOOD methodology and challenges, to engage innovation networks by a direct contact of international stakeholders and to communicate  BE-GOOD principles.
The BE-GOOD project poster was presented on the Open Cities Summit, one of many pre-events of the IODC ( This was a good opportunity to present the main base-lines of the project and start discussions on the challenges. Vanda and Slim were also able to identify other case studies and initiatives, relevant for the BE-GOOD challenges, such as platforms for crowdsourcing flood related information, improvement of road safety using geospatial open data and collaborative users’ information, predicting pollution, crowd-sourced law enforcement, etc.
The participation at  many IODC conference sessions not only allowed  to see show cases, best practices and lessons learned on Open Data. It was also made possible to interact with experts on various Open Data areas: platforms, incubators, business models, transport, disaster management…These experiences to refine the BE-GOOD methodology and help us to advance in Open Data release and challenge.

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