Delfland Water Authority (The Netherlands) to organise an international symposium on the Digital Waterchain

Meaning of the seminar was to share knowledge and to gain some new insights on the latest IT developments regarding the water chain.

New insights will be extremely useful  when it comes to the challenge of the regional water authority of Delfland in the BE-GOOD project:

In the Netherlands, different governmental bodies (municipalities and regional water authorities) are cooperating on collecting, transporting and treatment of domestic wastewater. Nevertheless, a well-functioning ecosystem for sharing public data, that can improve the management of the wastewater infrastructure, isn’t available yet.

Efficiently sharing data and information of the wastewater infrastructure between the different partners in a “Smart Waste Water Information Management” is a crucial enabler to create high level knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the wastewater infrastructure. It will also lead to quicker and more effective acting on calamities and day to day operations.

In the light of transnational cooperation  a delegation from the Flanders Environment Agency was present, to share some knowledge on waste water treatment. After a session of presentations workshops were organized to gather the IT needs of future users. Afterwards representatives from the private enterprises got the chance to present their possible solutions. This information will be used by the regional water authority to develop a data content platform for the exchange of waste water data.

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