BE-GOOD making an impact

Last week, our BE-GOOD project participated in the Interreg NEW ‘Making an impact’ event. In the beautiful building  ‘La Chaufferie’ in Lille, the transnational event focused on the results achieved by the 83 NWE projects funded so far.

The BE-GOOD project showcased its results to interested parties and used the event to make connections with linked projects.

Pushing our results 1 step further

During the 4 year project, 8 motivated partners from 6 North West Europe countries did everything to make BE-GOOD a successful project. The results are impressive, 11 innovative solutions will be tested in an operational environment. That’s why the partners of the project want to continue working together to capitalize the innovative solutions. In February we will know if we get the chance to take our results to the next level. Fingers crossed!

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