BE-GOOD creates an international jury to evaluate challenges

Within the BE-GOOD project each partner has an indicative budget to develop a number of challenges. Overall objective is to create validated business cases which are ready for uptake by SMEs and other end users. To get the SMEs involved in the process BE-GOOD aims to procure in an innovative way.

The Conseil Départemental du Loiret (France) is the first BE-GOOD partner to open a call for participation to a design contest (2014/24/EU Directive) on data processing to build a real-time information system for traffic conditions. The design contest was launched in april 2017. The department received 7 candidates, which were asked to provide information based on a number of criteria (turnover, reference list, experience with open data, traffic flows,…).

Within the context of the BE-GOOD project an international jury was formed to do the evaluation of those 7 candidates. On the one hand the evaluation was done by members of the Conseil Départemental du Loiret and on the other hand by representatives of Flanders Environment Agency (Belgium), Dublin City Council (Ireland) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (The Netherlands).

The overall objective of the day was to select 4 candidates who could proceed to the next phase of the procurement process. At the end of the session the international jury reached a consensus and was able to give the challenge of the Conseil Départemental du Loiret a major boost to go forward.

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