Delfland Water Authority ready to welcome the BE-GOOD project partners in the Netherlands

Delfland Water Authority in Delft

5 March 2018 - 8 February 2018

BE-GOOD started as a pioneering project aiming to unlock, re-use and extract value from Public Sector Information (PSI) to develop data driven services in the area of infrastructure and environment. In the light of the growing importance of data in the future knowledge economy, the project was developed to generate value from and stimulate sustainable ecosystems for open data in regions in North-West Europe.

By unlocking datasets and better engaging with the marketplace, the development of applications, software or algorithms for traffic management, air and water quality monitoring and infrastructure maintenance planning would be made possible and result in 10 pilot projects, extracting commercial value from PSI.

Marking the halfway milestone of the project, the Mid-Term event and Partner Coordination Group meeting will be hosted by Delfland Water Authority in Delft. Participants will reflect on the progress made to date, but also look forward to the deliverables for the second half of the four year project.

Interreg NWE BE-GOOD successfully kicked-off in 2016 and enjoys 60% support from the European Regional Development Funds. More information on the project can be found at

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