Open data seeking re-users, épisode 1: On the road again


25 January 2019 - 25 January 2019

Luxembourg Open Data working group

Despite the large reuse potential of Open Data, and high expectations in terms of social and economic impacts, there are still few evidence of such uptake.

As there is a lack of alignment between the different components of the open data ecosystem, the Luxembourg Open Data working group aims to be a platform strengthening relationships between open data providers and open data reusers to stimulate the provision of open data based products and services.

1st workshop on Open Data reuse: addressing mobility and transport issues in Luxembourg

This first workshop organised by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), in collaboration with, Digital Luxembourg and Luxinnovation, with the support of the Interreg NWE project BE-GOOD, intends to bring together the actors of the mobility ecosystem in Luxembourg and engage exchanges to identify:

  • Motivations and obstacles to the reuse of public data
  • Needs in terms of public data (availability, documentation, quality, update, etc.)
  • Opportunities for cooperation between the public and private sectors in terms of mobility and transport

In order to stimulate discussions, two feedbacks from the INTERREG NWE BE-GOOD project will be presented:

  • Continuity of traffic: Management of road networks in case of major crisis
  • Safer roads: predictive model for road accidents and safety, correlation link between material accidents and personal injuries.


9-00/9.30 Registration

9.30/9.40 Welcome Introducing the concept, and BE-GOOD
Francis Kaell, Rijkswaterstaat (NL)

9.40/10.05 Be-GOOD Challenge: Continuity of traffic

  • Genesis & Motivations;
  • Information needs and mobilized actors
  • Development of the solution, setting up
  • Opportunities, limits

Nextérité (SME) Loiret / Orléans (FR)

10.05/10.20  Be-GOOD 

  • Genesis & Motivations, Loiret (FR);
  • Information needs and mobilized actors
  • Opportunities, limits

Loiret / Orléans (FR)

10.20/10.30 Short Break

10.30/12.00 Round Table: transposition in Luxembourg (facilitator: LIST)

  • Relevance of the presented challenges in Luxembourg: Cross-border context, resilience to climate-related  events, Density of traffic
  • Transposition opportunities: interested actors - who would like to get involved, barriers or facilitators of involvement;
  • State of play of transport and mobility open data in Luxembourg(Francis Kaell, Mr. Open Data);
  • Opportunities mapping:
    Ideas / Needs of mobility and transport apps and services
  • Data and metadata needs data (availability, documentation, quality, update, etc.)
  • How to involve the final users (citizens and business)
  • Conclusions and perspectives


Public sector stakeholders

  • National open data portal (
  • Ministries and public administrations
  • Researchers

Private sector stakeholders

  • SMEs developing mobility and transport applications
  • Data scientists
  • Insurance companies


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