ALG-AD contributes chapter to Grand Challenges in Algae Biotechnology

Colleagues at Swansea University have published a chapter entitled ‘Deriving Economic Value from Metabolites in Cyanobacteria’ in the latest edition of the academic publication Grand Challenges in Algae Biotechnology.

This chapter focuses on the challenges associated with achieving economic value from metabolites derived from cyanobacteria.

The team acknowledge that while there have been significant advances in cyanobacterial biotechnology in the last few years, the field remains immature, with many challenges remaining.

“We begin our chapter with a critical overview of the main technologies associated with cultivation, cell disruption and metabolite extraction,” said Professor Carole Llewellyn, the principle investigator of the ALG-AD project. “We go on to give an overview of key metabolite groups relevant for industry.”

 “The chapter is relevant as we move towards a more sustainable and circular economy.  Combining multidisciplinary aspects of large-scale cultivation and downstream processing with an understanding of metabolism and metabolites will help development towards using a biorefinery approach. This will result in the best economic and environmental sustainability”.

You can find the book chapter here.

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