Second webinar _The microalgae for the treatment of wastewater and digestate


The second ALG-AD event was held on 28th January, and colleagues and interested stakeholders again connected to hear two speakers share their knowledge relating to digestate processing, algal cultivation and the potential commercial markets for microalgae. Fleuriane Fernandes from Swansea University, shared a detailed and comprehensive presentation about the work of the ALG-AD project, followed by Lucie van Haver, who shared an overview of the work of Algosolis, a specialist microalgae R & D organisation based in St. Nazaire, France. Attendees at the event raised several questions, and the team always welcome these discussions with interested people working in the sector! The ALG-AD project will soon release best practice guidelines, and our publications can also be accessed through links on our website. We will also be releasing Decision Support Tools and economic assessments to help interested stakeholders explore the viability of microalgae production using digestate.
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