Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems

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45 Am Seedeich, Bremerhaven, 27572 Germany


The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft promotes and engages in internationally networked, application-based research for the direct benefit of the business community and to the advantage of society. Customer satisfaction is a crucial success indicator for Fraunhofer institutes. IWES focuses entirely on wind energy. In order to exactly understand the needs of industry and to develop methods and solutions for acute and future problems, numerous interfaces have been created for a regular exchange of ideas.

Thematic priorities:

  • Low carbon

Involved in

Low carbon

AFLOWT - Accelerating market uptake of FLoating Offshore Wind Technology

To facilitate the uptake of low carbon technologies, products, processes and services in sectors with high energy saving potential, to reduce GHG emissions in NWE

Status: ongoing

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