ESB has invested in renewable energy assets across a range of technologies including offshore wind, this includes the following projects.

  • Building on the acquisition of a stake in the Galloper windfarm in 2018, ESB acquired a 50% shareholding in the Neart na Gaoithe 448 MW offshore wind farm project, located off the east coast of Scotland.
  • In October 2020, ESB joined with Edinburgh-based Red Rock Power Limited to form a 50:50 joint venture for Inch Cape Offshore Limited, a large wind farm development off the east coast of Scotland. 
  • ESB is partnering with Parkwind in the development of the Oriel and Clogherhead Wind farms and more recently has also entered into key strategic partnering agreements with Equinor to co-develop offshore wind assets in Ireland.

More information on each of these partnerships is detailed herein.


Development of Neart na Gaoithe Wind Farm

ESB has acquired a 50 percent stake in the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm project from EDF Renewables.

NnG has a capacity of c. 450 megawatts of low carbon energy and will offset over 400,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Construction of components is now underway, offshore construction will start in June 2020 and full commissioning will complete in 2023.  ESB is working in strong partnering with EDF on this project.

Inch Cape Joint Venture

ESB has joined with Edinburgh-based Red Rock Power Limited to form a 50:50 joint venture for Inch Cape Offshore Limited, a large wind farm development off the east coast of Scotland.  

The Red Rock Power – ESB partnership will harness both companies’ wealth of expertise within the wind energy sector and support their mutual growth ambitions as they continue to strengthen their respective UK wind portfolios, with the potential to collaborate on other projects in the future.

Inch Cape is set to be constructed 15 km off the Angus Coast in the East of Scotland and to become one of the country’s largest single sources of renewable energy. The project recently received approval to increase its capacity to up to one gigawatt having already secured both onshore and offshore consents in 2019. The wind farm will connect into the national grid at Cockenzie in East Lothian. 

ESB and Parkwind

Parkwind and ESB are working in partnership on a number of offshore wind development opportunities.  The front runner of which is the Oriel project, located in the Irish Sea off the coast of Dundalk, which has a capacity of up to 330MW and is planned to begin commercial operations in the early-2020s. 

Once operational, the Oriel Windfarm will generate enough capacity to cover the needs of approximately 280,000 households - most of the population in counties Louth and Meath. Oriel will furthermore contribute to the reduction of Ireland’s carbon emissions by 600,000 tonnes per annum.

ESB and Parkwind will also work together on the Clogherhead project for which ESB holds a foreshore license to commence site investigations.

All images belong to Parkwind.

ESB and Equinor

ESB is working in partnership with Equinor, a Norwegian-based energy company to identify suitable sites for new offshore windfarms in Irish waters and work to mature potential future wind projects. The potential for energy storage technology and other technologies to complement offshore wind operations will also be examined.

It is the ambition of the partnership to explore opportunities for large scale wind projects towards commercial operation by 2030, thus contributing to meeting Ireland’s energy needs.

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