AMETS 2021 Survey

SEAI are currently undertaking a review of the AMETS and would appreciate feedback from all ocean technology developers who have an interest in utilizing the site. We have compiled a high-level report on the current status of the site, the wave and wind resources at the location, and an outline of data collected at AMETS to date.

Download our report.

Also included is a survey which we would appreciate your feedback on. The results of the survey will determine the way forward for AMETS.

Any floating wind technology specifications provided will be included in an upcoming Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), which is being compiled as part of an application for a lease/licence for floating wind technologies at AMETS. The EIAR will accompany the consent application which is due to be submitted in 2022.

The lease/licence application will use an envelope approach, which would enable a range of floating offshore wind technologies to be installed. To allow for a multitude of technologies to be included in the EIAR a range of technology specifications will be screened. If you wish your technology to be included in the EIAR, please indicate this by providing the relevant specifications in as much detail as possible in the accompanying questionnaire.

AMETS already has a lease in place which covers the deployment of wave conversion devices, and interest is also sought from anyone interested in deploying such devices at the site.

We appreciate your interest in AMETS and your time spent in reviewing the report and filling in the questionnaire.

Take our survey.

If you have any queries on the site, or would like further clarifications on the information provided, please contact

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