Workshop & site visit: Understanding and accompanying owners in the energy retrofitting of their condominium

Maastricht, the Netherlands

16 November 2017

You are facing the challenge of the energy retrofitting of privately-owned condominiums in your city? One big challenge is how to help owners take the step from not retrofitting to retrofitting. In order to know how condominiums can most-effectively be supported, the underlying barriers for not taking action need to be better understood. In this symposium we will explore the mechanisms that prevent action to be undertaken, as well as some approaches and benefits of retrofitting.

The ACE-Retrofitting team invites you to take part in a workshop followed by a site visit, both aimed at focusing on the psycho-social aspects of the energy retrofitting of condominiums, identifying the barriers and game changers and new governance approaches to be tested by cities to accelerate the renovation of condominiums.

The event is open to building and energy managers in cities, local energy agencies, elected representatives as well as other stakeholders involved in the energy retrofitting of condominiums.

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