Project Summary

The project aims to design and develop a learning assistance service, in the form of a support personalized and adapted to the objectives of learning and skills covered during training online.
This tool will focus, as a first step, two audiences (Target groups):
-adult learners in precarious socio-economic situation, distant market employment and stall the world of training,
- learners with learning disabilities, and can be generalized to other audiences later. 
This tool  will be designed to detect, in near real time, the development of the skills of the learner and her learning profile, in order to adapt the flow of resources and the accompanying proposals according to his/her current need and profile.
Two levels of individualization of training will be treated by the designed tool:
a recommendation of resources and disciplinary content on the one hand, and a recommendation on the type of suitable support (peer learning, tutoring,...) to the detected profile to one other hand. The tool also serve as a means of monitoring for teachers and training managers to track changes in the skills of learners and thus prevent the risk of stall or non completion of the training. Other hand, alerts will be notified to managers (guardian, teacher, responsible for training, etc.) in the form of a detailed report on the situation (blockers, type of assistance needed, risk of dropping out, recommendation of solution, etc.) for regular, individualized monitoring and promoting autonomy.

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