Project Summary

We are a group of Northern Ireland based Local Authorities who are collaborating with Northern Ireland based Reprocessor SMEs.

Our objective is to promote the development of a Circular Economy. In our experience there is insufficient supply, flow of recyclate material, between local recyclate collectors and local recyclate reprocessors instead we find that traditional recycling relies heavily on export to find outlets for recyclate material which we believe is an sustainable option for the future.

Our project idea is to develop a local and "Circular Economy" approach to supply chain management of secondary materials in support of the local economy. We will seek to develop recycling systems that generate high quality recyclate materials. We would also like to define and adopt appropriate and standardised material quality specifications to define recyclate quality and associated value. To promote the commoditising of recyclate and the use of these materials as building blocks in a local reprocessing ecosystem. We would also seek to measure any positive incentivising effect this might have on increasing recyclate recovery volumes and improving recyclate quality in material collection and segregation. In line with a circular economy approach we would also want to maximise the opportunities for intraregional flow of recyclate material from recyclate collectors to reprocessors, and interregional flow where necessary and appropriate.

We also want to explore opportunities to expand this beyond the standard suite of recyclables.

We believe this is an objective that is shared with many other regions in NWE and a research activity that would benefit from an Inter-Regional approach and a  platform for shared learning.

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