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Careers Works: Mobile / Pop-Up Careers Hub
The highest rate of risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU was recorded among people living in rural areas (27.1 %), followed by people living in cities (24.3 %) and those living in towns and suburbs (22.3 %).
Source: Eurostat, 2016.
It’s a problem of mobility, access and exclusion and needs inclusive mobile solutions, not isolation. The problem / solution is here in North-West Europe because the world comes to Europe seeking help and we must deliver.
We must offer hope and self esteem, personal guidance as well as digital support.

The aim of this project is to teach young people, aged 16-25, who are Unemployed, NEETS, digitally excluded, isolated, Refugees, and may have  Complex Social, Psychological and Emotional Needs, how to adapt, plan their career, build networks, and find their way through a changing landscape of work.
This project will deliver a pop-up/mobile outreach careers service. It will be targeted at areas of greatest need and will focus on the edges of society, the isolated regions of cities and rural areas. We will give people ‘maps’ and ‘compasses’ to help their orientation to the future of work.
To set up mobile/pop-up JobLabs, in isolated locations not well served by statutory agencies, giving individual and small group support to establish JobPlans and employability skills.

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Andy Fosterjohn Careers Works
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David Jones Associates

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