Project Summary

The aim of this project is to develop a low-speed territorial network (LoRa-Low Range technology type) to get companies to create, build and promote new services for municipalities.

The SDEF is a union of municipalities dedicated to energy transition and innovation on the networks. A territorial network architecture will be deployed over the Finistère to develop new services for municipalities that do not require high-speed access. It will bring together small and medium cities, rural or urban.
The project will consider the digitization of the territory and the cybersecurity of sovereign data as well as the open data.

Some examples of applications:
- the public lighting network can be controlled (switching on or off, modulations) to save energy
- remote reading for water meters with alerts and prevention of leaks and wastes
- fill level sensors for waste containers in the streets and in waste disposal centers for the optimization of collection routes
- remote management (lighting and / or heating) for buildings and public installations
- occupancy sensors for parking spaces to limit car traffic in search of unoccupied places
- software services offered to inhabitants, actors of the digital transformation of the territory, associated with an open data platform

Partnership search:
- Other cities or local authorities in the countries of North-West Europe wishing to develop a similar project.
- Companies developing low-speed network architectures, data aggregation platforms, software platforms, sensors or services combining these previous elements.

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