Project Summary

The project idea is to develop and demonstrate cost-effective solutions to achieving retrofits of multi-storey office buildings that achieve substantial carbon reductions of 60%> through a whole-building solution.  The project will, for the first time, demonstrate the Energiesprong approach in the office environment and carry out other innovative work packages.

To achieve carbon reduction targets, office building retrofits are going to have to make a step change from low reduction, few measure projects to whole-building (eg façade, glazing, heating, ventilation and cooling), high carbon reduction solutions.  To do this, more cost-effective solutions are needed and therefore innovation in construction methods through the use of offsite methods. The Energiesprong approach (whole-building, offsite construction) has so far only demonstrated this for domestic buildings but not offices. Innovation will be needed as offices are generally bigger, used differently and have more services than domestic buildings.
The project will utilise funding to enable this step change to take place so that in the future no funding is needed. The project will conduct economic analysis of office retrofits to determine savings and benefits from different approaches, such as off-site. With this evidence base and building modelling of the demonstrator sites, we will then create a high-performance design achieving larger carbon savings than the norm and innovating by bringing together the normal separate roles or surveyor and designer.  A contractor will then be procured to deliver two demonstrators with the client and contractor working in collaboration to ensure high-levels of innovation and replicability.

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