Project Summary

The motoric fitness of children is less well developed than ca. 20 years ago. This is an international increasing problem for Health and healthcare. One of the main reasons for this decreasing fitness is the change of lifestyle (ldecreasing outside playing and sports, increasing indoor gaming and social media). 

The focus of the project is to develop and upscale e-instruments and intervention methods in order to improve the physical and mental health on a short-term basis. To achieve these goals the project will focus on:
• Making accessible digital instruments with which thorough sports / exercise advice can be given by people who have contact with the children who move/sport.
• Making accessible digital instruments that show the motor capacity and that specific interventions / guidance can take place. Talent recognition and guidance in the broadest sense of the word, from bottom to top.
• The development and making accessible of various intervention methods (for different target groups) to guide children after the tests to the right sport and exercise facilities.
• Creating an international digital platform to combine different tests and to gather and analyse all data to make it possible to develop coherent test programs and research on efficiency and effectiveness can be improved (nationally and internationally comparable data). This platform must be widely usable.

The project results will be a number of upscaled and tested e-tools and methods, a number of involved SME's and a number of new jobs. 

The partnership requires the following kind of partners: Sports  and healthcare organsations, ICT companies, Knowledge partners, Local Authorities, Primary and secundary Schools. Partners from Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are already involved. 

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