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CRITT T&L and ISEL based in Le Havre (France) are seeking partners to be part of a project to develop NGV use (Natural Gas Vehicle) for goods transportation in the NW Europe.
NGV is an alternative vehicle fuel uses compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). CNG may be generated and delivered by pipeline transport and also be mixed with biomethane. Biomethane is derived from biogas from landfills or anaerobic digestion which would allow the use of CNG for mobility without increasing the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere. NGV in goods transportation is able to save around 30 % of CO2 emission. Moreover, NGV is cleaner than Diesel which generates micro-particles. Also, stricter CO2 emissions regulations are mandated to combat global warming, which could soon make impossible the circulation of non-renewable fossil fuels vehicles in large cities.
But there are still some huge barriers of the NGV development for goods transportation:
The cost of a new vehicle and the difficulty of resell, the deployment of refueling stations do not cover fully the territories, the time to refuel, the limited vehicles' autonomy, and the calculation of the return on investment which is complex.
The GOOD project's goal will be to research and develop simulation tools for the transport companies which can:
-Optimize flows & processes in the logistics field for improvement in cost, service levels and lead time
-Network optimization: find optimal biogas plants, biomethane filling stations location and improve supply and distribution
-Search innovative solutions with the new technologies of AI, Big Data or IoT
-Make calculation on the return on investment
-Analyze and inform in real time the restrictions in the cities to optimize the deliveries
CRITT T&L and ISEL are seeking partner such as NGV vehicle constructors, IT companies, transport companies, a town institution and a gas exploitation investor.
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