Project Summary

EV-Charge aims to address the current low uptake of Electric Vehicles across the NWE region by providing an infrastructure centred on citizens and cities. The NWE region is highly urbanised and requires a solution that fits with the lives and housing situation of its citizens. Many, if not most, citizens within the region do not have direct access to charging infrastructure near their homes. A system that allows them to have access to charging at work, when shopping, in public spaces will enable them to switch to electric vehicles.

EV-Charge will develop a scalable EV-Charging infrastructure built around bays of reduced-complexity chargers networked and integrated to the grid. The network controllers can manage groups of individual chargers, grid interaction and payments allowing the chargepoints to be reduced in complexity.

EV-Charge has the following objectives:-
  1. to deliver a large-scale widely available charging infrastructure
  2. to develop a flexible payment systems that incorporate customer preferences and grid interaction.
  3. to build in scalability so that the system will be able to be scaled up within existing installations as demand rises.
  4. to design the system around the lifestyle of users rather than trying to reengineer users’ lifestyles.
  5. to incentivize investors and developers by building the charging infrastructure in commercial and public spaces.
The project will benefit citizens and communities in highly urbanized areas. It will provide opportunities for SMEs to innovate and grow by delivering the new infrastructure. It will provide diversification for groups involved in infrastrucrture development - investors, construction.

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