Project Summary

The project aims to tackle the challenge of a growing elderly population managing multiple health conditions and consequently at risk of social exclusion. It will do this via a new Multiple Condition Home Support programme based on digital support services and innovative social enterprise model that will have a preventative approach to anticipate condition deterioration and avoid pressure on formal care systems. Such an approach will avoid the need for clinician intervention making it suitable for a community-based response model.

Key objectives across multiple conditions inc.:
1. To create a digital Multiple Conditions Support package with core elements: a. Early identification and management
of common symptoms b. Home sensor monitoring/alerts c. Social inclusion
2. To develop/test social enterprise service model with communities
3. To develop transferability tools to replicate model in other areas.

Beneficiary and wider community impacts include:
• Improvements in target groups self-management of their multiple health conditions via early detection and
response to symptom deterioration and sensor data alerting.
• Reduction in contacts with health and social care services by avoidance of intensive condition specific interventions
• Reduction in social exclusion of target groups
• The use of digital approaches as a routine and accessible aspect of home support • The introduction of new models of social enterprise/community involvement fostering greater resilience and employment opportunities in communities

Lead partner

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NHS Western Isles

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