Project Summary

Swansea University, UK, are seeking partners (Universities/Research Institutes) to lead a project to link cutting edge research with the manufacturing companies of the partner regions.  The objective would be to increase the translation of research and innovation into new products and services, whilst simultaneously improving economic prosperity, skills and knowledge.

A Successful Base to Build Upon….
Swansea University would provide a structure of operation based on the existing EU funded ‘ASTUTE’ projects (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies’), that provide facilities, academic expertise, and dedicated project officers to work in collaboration with manufacturing companies on industry demand-led projects.  
  • ASTUTE (2010-2015) has been selected as a Regio Stars 2018 finalist.
Smart Specialisation
This proposal would link the facilities and expertise of the partners, focussing on innovation across three Smart Specialisations:
Computational Engineering Modelling: Reduce costly “trial and error” approaches when improving manufacturing processes and products
Advanced Materials Technology: Introduce new materials and adopt more innovative material-processing techniques
Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Improve the use of resources in manufacturing and supply chains by exploiting digital connectivity

How could this work?
Each partner operates CTI from their region, providing expertise and access for academia, researchers and industry to work on dedicated projects
Enable cross working (a project in Holland needs expertise from Wales; CTI would facilitate the movement of people and work packages)
Create a dedicated long-term knowledge and skills partnership across the regions, helping companies develop and attracting new ones to any of the regions

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