Reference documents

Programme manual

The Programme manual is a valuable resource and a key reference document for both project applicants and approved projects, guiding them from the application stage all the way to closure. It details the concepts, rules and procedures for projects intending to apply and receive funding from the NWE Programme. It also informs them on the expectations the NWE Programme has from projects during implementation.

The Programme Manual version 3 is available here.

Translations to DE, FR and NL of this updated version will be made available shortly.

Interreg Programme (IP)

The Interreg North-West Europe Programme 2021-2027 is now formally approved by the European Commission and the North-West Europe Task Force (NTF). The document was drafted in compliance with Article 17 of the Interreg Regulation for the 2021-2027 period, according to the template annexed to the aforementioned regulation.

The final Interreg Programme (version 24 Aug 2022) is the outcome of discussions among Member States within the North West Europe Task Force on the Future (NTF) and its dedicated working groups, which have based themselves on the Interreg Regulation for the 2021-2027 period and the SWOT analysis for the future programme. It also includes input from the NWE Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and the feedback submitted to the NWE Programme via its stakeholder consultation.


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