Progress for ETC in Brexit discussions

The joint report from the negotiators of the European Union and the United Kingdom Government published on 8 December 2017 stated that UK entities’ right to participate in EU MFF 2014-2020  programmes will be unaffected by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

UK organisations are therefore encouraged to continue to bid for EU funds in upcoming calls, including from European Territorial Cooperation programmes such as North-West Europe. UK organisations are fully entitled to participate in projects, lead projects, and to continue to receive funding for the entire lifetime of the projects.   

It remains the case that nothing is agreed until everything (i.e. the Withdrawal Agreement) is agreed, which is why the Government’s guarantee to the funding of UK project partners for ETC programmes remains in place, and has even been very recently extended till the end of 2020.

This means that, in case no overall agreement is reached between the UK and EU, the UK government will guarantee funding to UK beneficiaries in all projects approved before the end of 2020.

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