Thematic orientation

The NTF has reached a preliminary agreement on five priorities and nine specific objectives for the future NWE Programme to focus on.

Disclaimer: the priorities, objectives and themes outlined below are the outcome of the Programme's first discussions, which are still on-going. Hence, the information mentioned here is only indicative at this stage of the process and might evolve in the coming months, both in their wording and scope. What is listed below may not be included in the final Interreg Programme (the official background document of Interreg NWE).

Priority 1: Smart climate resilience for NWE territories

  • SO 2.7: Enhancing nature protection, biodiversity and reducing all forms of pollution.
  • SO 2.4: Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention resilience.

Priority 2:  Smart and just energy transition

  • SO 2.1: Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • SO 2.2: Promoting renewable energy.

Priority 3: Transition towards a place-based circular economy

  • SO 2.6: Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy.

Priority 4: Fostering innovation capacity in NWE regions

  • SO 1.1: Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies.

Priority 5: Transition to a socially inclusive sustainable and resilient society

  • SO 4.1: Enhancing the effectiveness and inclusiveness of labour markets and access to quality employment through developing social infrastructure and promoting social economy.
  • SO 4.4: Ensuring equal access to healthcare through developing infrastructure, including primary care, and promoting the transition from institutional to family and community-based care.
  • SO 4.5: Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation.

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