Stakeholder consultation

In the framework of the elaboration process of the Future NWE programme 2021-2027, all interested stakeholders at EU, national, regional, and local level were invited to share their feedback on the thematic orientations preselected by NWE Member States via a stakeholder consultation, which was open for about 5 weeks, running from 25 February until 28 March 2021. A total of 412 responses were collected, which illustrates a high interest of stakeholders in the Interreg NWE Programme 2021-2027.

The outcome of this consultation was brought together in a synthesis report, which was used by the NTF to fine tune the indicative thematic orientations and identify as precisely as possible the target audiences for each topic.

The report notably provides insights into the following areas:

  • main characteristics of respondents, especially showing how balanced responses are in terms of geography and types of organisations (Sections 2.1 and 2.2);
  • the main added value raised by respondents from cooperation in NWE (Section 2.3);
  • an overview of the interest in the five priorities (Chapter 3);
  • an overview of other fields of interest raised by respondents across priorities (Chapter 4); and
  • some conclusions (Chapter 5).

Disclaimer: This report uses the formulation of priorities and fields of interest as applied in the survey at the beginning of 2021, notwithstanding any changes of how priorities and fields of interest may be formulated or considered at all in the final Interreg Programme.

NWE stakeholder consultation survey report - October 2021

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