NWE making an impact

The Interreg NWE Programme is committed to deliver tangible results that contribute to the improvement of the economic, environmental, social and territorial development of the North-West Europe region.

Our projects have a clear potential to help to solve joint challenges and to bring benefits to the citizens in cities and regions across the area. The Programme not only supports projects to achieve their expected impact but also dedicate strong efforts to identify best practices and showcase successful project stories.

In this section you can discover the main facts and figures of the most successful topics addressed by the Programme and how current Interreg NWE projects are making the difference in the region with the achievement of groundbreaking results.

Facts and Figures

Projects co-funded




Organisations involved in projects

Funds invested in projects



Success stories

A more energy-efficient North-West Europe

Although the North-West Europe area is considered as one of the most dynamic and prosperous areas of the European Union, households from some regions still face severe difficulties in affording their energy bills or suffer from a lack of adequate energy services at home.

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Achieving solid sustainability

Transnational cooperation as a key enabler for implementing circular practices in North-West Europe's construction sector.

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Unlocking the power of technology for better mental health

While digital tools are often rightly blamed for bearing a responsibility in the development of medical conditions such as anxiety or depression, technology provides us with opportunities to help monitor our mental health.

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