Big Strawbale Gathering UK 2018

, Wales UK

SBUK are proud to present the inaugural 'Big Straw Bale Gathering' - a gathering to discuss and learn straw bale construction and share the latest and best thinking within the industry. Working with our sub partner Strawbale Building UK (SBUK) Barbara Jones will be delivering talks, workshops and hands-on experiences about UP Straw as part of the project's work on Training of Construction Sector Professionals and Undergraduates. Held at Down To Earth's beautiful strawbale roundhouse in South Wales. The weekend will feature talks, discussions and hands-on workshops, for all levels, led by the UK's best natural builders and leading associated professionals. So come down and get excited about building with straw, learn some new techniques or get stuck into the geeky technical stuff.
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STRO: straw fair in the Netherlands

, BillyBird park Hemelrijk, Volkel, The Netherlands

Straw is a building material that facilitates the creation of healthy, energy efficient and environmental positive buidlings. The damp open building method, in relation to the use of clay and wood, delvers a very comfortable inner climate. STRO (the name of the event) offers consumers the opportunity to get acquainted with straw as building material, clay, wood applications and installations for producing electricity, warmth, fresh air and vital water. Besides getting informed on building possibilities it will be possible to work with straw, clay and related materials in workshops. The event will be held on the terrain of BillyBird Park Hemelrijk, a family attraction park situated in Volkel. Combination tickets will be available.
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Green Architects Day

, University of Brighton

Eileen Sutherland will be discussing the UP Straw project at this event, as part of the project's work on Training of Construction Sector Professionals and Undergraduates. Sustainability at Scale: Size Matters Size matters and so does what you do with it. "When you have more than you need build a bigger table not a higher fence" - Unknown The theme this year is Sustainability at Scale: Size Matters. We will be asking our leading experts if there is any use in our current climate of being a tiny beacon of sustainability or should we be focusing on larger developments. How this can be possible and where the architectural and design community is heading? How does this translate to a city like Brighton and Hove and what is being done here at home? This year's Green Architecture Day promises to be an inspiring day of talks, with stalls and stands, including Meet the Expert and a complimentary light lunch. There will also be a facilitated plenary panel at the end of the day where we explore participants' questions. If public speaking does not come naturally you can still ask questions by ballot.
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