RegEnergy - Renewable Energy Regions

Project Summary

NWE is one of the EU’s highest energy consuming regions. The share of renewable energy (RE) in the region’s production and consumption mix is low and there is a strong dependence on non-renewable energy sources.
RegEnergy focuses on the reduction of GHG emissions by increasing the share of RE. The project will foster RE demand-supply partnerships between urbanised and surrounding rural areas with an innovative integrated regional approach. These partnerships will enable local and regional authorities from urbanised areas to meet their energy demand with RE from reliable nearby sources. RE producers in rural areas will, in turn, benefit from access to urban energy consumers and revenue streams.
The partners, representing cities, rural communities, regional agencies, science institutions and RE producers from 7 NWE countries, will facilitate viable new urban-rural partnerships via institutional and contractual agreements. These partnerships will close missing regional links between RE demand and supply by implementing RegEnergy pilot installations for stark increased regional RE share. In 6 regions strategic connecting infrastructure, storage capacities and smart coupling will reduce over 43,900t CO2 emissions annually. Investments will facilitate optimized approaches of urban-rural partnerships. Effective set-up of these partnerships and practical models for regionally synchronising RE demand with supply will provide strong support to local and regional authorities for their territories and will allow meeting even heavy demand.  
The active roll-out of the project to 8 cooperating regions within the project duration will boost impact, leveraging €30 million of investment. As lead partner, Climate Alliance, a European city network with 300 members throughout NWE, will ensure long-term roll-out even after the project’s end.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Contact name Address Email Website
Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest Peoples (registered association) Andreas Kress 28 Galvanistraße
Frankfurt am Main
Name Contact Name Email Country
Brest métropolis Sylvie Mingant France
Flux50 Frederik Loeckx Belgium
Plymouth City Council Alistair Macpherson United Kingdom
Waterstromen Martine Klaver Netherlands
3 Counties Energy Agency Paddy Phelan Ireland
Planair Nadine Mounir Switzerland
Waterford Institute of Technology Sean Lyons Ireland
Ormonde Upgrading Limited Tom Nolan Ireland

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