OPIN Annual Symposium

The Convention Centre Dublin

30 September 2019

The first OPIN Annual Symposium will be held on September 30, 2019, in the Convention Centre in Dublin. The event will coincide with the Ocean Energy Europe Conference which will also be held in the Convention Centre between September 30 and October 1.

The Symposium will open with an Introductory session on OPIN’s aims and objectives, and the ways that OPIN will support members.

The second session will focus on Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGs). CIGs are clusters of SMEs, working with research entities or large companies to solve problems identified as barriers to the ocean energy sector. This session will showcase the CIG concept and provide a mechanism for identifying CIGs that meet the needs of the ocean energy sector. The final part of the session will focus on the CIG application process, highlighting the eligibility criteria for groups and how successful applicates will be selected.

Finally, the Symposium will close with a Question and Answers session. This will provide an opportunity for dialogue and consultation between OPIN members and the project coordinators.

Tickets for the OPIN Annual Symposium are free and will shortly be made available here on this page.

To make an enquire about this event or for more information on OPIN contact: OPIN@seai.ie

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